The Rapidfyre Philosophy

It's no secret that I love what I do for a living. Every day of my life, I get to help create successful businesses and work with people who are leaders in their markets. It is my highest goal to build genuine and lasting friendships with my clients that will naturally bring about great communication and high-caliber performance.


Because of my love of arts and technology, I have found a home in web development. As an electrical engineering graduate, I developed the skills to think critically and the capability to tackle projects that many pass off as too difficult. Yet with my love of the arts, I have learned how not to think too critically. I put a high value on good interpersonal communication and realize that each person I deal with has different needs.  That is what I am here for: to learn, adapt, and grow with you and your business.

On another "note"

Recently, I have put into practice what I recommend for any wannabe successful businessâ€"to learn to play guitar left-handed. Let me explain. I am naturally left-handed, yet when I first picked up the the guitar at age 11, I was told I had to play it right-handed. So I did.  Now, after nearly twenty years of right-handed playing, I am rethinking my decision. I love to play super fast runs on the guitar, yet I have always realized that I have more natural ability with my other hand.  So, making the uncomfortable move from something familiar to something stranger, I am now learning to play all my stringed instruments left-handed.

What am I saying? Just like I trusted my mentors telling me I needed to play right-handed, you have listened to those who are succeeding at what they do in business and in life. Take their advice because it is proven, but remember to adapt it to your own skill set. Rarely will any business model work straight out of the box for two people alike. Take the time to weigh the options as I should have when I was learning to play the guitar, and it can pay you big dividends.

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